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Take care of guns and ammunition on hot summer days

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Firearm Injuries |

Summer heat brings challenges for Montana gun owners, including owners of Remington rifles. In order to minimize the risk of injuries or death due to firearms, it is critical for gun owners to take precautions specifically related to summer heat, such as keeping guns and ammunition in vehicles that can overheat quickly.

Ammunition is unlikely to explode due to being kept in a hot vehicle since the interior would have to reach a temperature of hundreds of degrees for that to happen. However, it is always a good idea to avoid storing guns and ammunition in your vehicle for too long because they can become hot to the touch and that in turn can result in inadvertently mishandling them. That can lead to accidents and corresponding firearm injuries.

Additionally, the humidity that can build up inside vehicles can affect ammunition substantially. It can result in the ammunition functioning improperly due to moisture. For that reason alone, storing ammunition in a vehicle on a hot day is a bad idea.

On a related note, storing your gun in your car for multiple humid days across a summer can result in rust, and that can cause functionality problems. As any gun owner knows, functionality problems correlate to safety problems.

Ultimately, sportsmen and sportswomen are always going to want to take their guns and ammunition out with them on hot summer days, for hunting or for practice shooting. When they do, they should keep in mind the importance of keeping both their guns and their ammunition as cool and dry as possible. Weaponry that is taken care of is weaponry that is safer than it would be otherwise.

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