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5 things to teach your children about gun safety

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Firearm Injuries |

If you have children, it’s important to discuss gun safety with them at the appropriate age. This holds true even if you don’t have guns in your house, as you never know when your child will have access to a firearm.

While there is a lot to discuss in regard to gun safety, here are five things you should definitely touch on:

  • Don’t touch a gun unless you have adult supervision: If your children follow this rule, you never have to worry about them using a gun and potentially making a fatal mistake.
  • Treat every gun like a loaded gun: No one should ever point a gun, loaded or not, at a living person, animal or property. Also, teach your children to keep their fingers off the trigger.
  • A real gun is not the same as a toy gun: Many children enjoy “playing guns” with their friends, thus making them think it’s a harmless activity. Teach them the differences between real guns and toy guns.
  • Teach them how to shoot: If your child is old enough, you may want to teach them how to shoot at a local gun range. This gives you the opportunity to teach them right from wrong, while also driving home various safety tips.
  • Always pay attention: When using a gun, it’s imperative to pay attention to the task at hand, and nothing else. This isn’t a time to text friends, talk to someone else or take their eyes off the target for any reason.

Along with the above, there’s one final tip for all parents: Keep firearms secured and locked up when not in use. You may think you’ve hidden your gun in a safe place, but children have a way of finding things.

If you or your child is injured by a gun, such as the result of accidental discharge or a defective firearm, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention. A bullet can cause a variety of injuries, such as:

  • Shattered bones
  • Organ damage
  • Flesh wounds
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries

As the recovery process unfolds, learn more about the cause of the accident and if there’s any way to hold a negligent party responsible for injuries and other damages.

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