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How safe is your rifle?

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Defective Remington Rifles |

Gun safety courses review the best practices for handling a firearm safely. But, in addition to knowing how to handle this dangerous weapon, it’s also important to know if you shouldn’t be handling it at all.

This rifle, in particular, can be very dangerous.

The Remington 700

Many people assume that all rifles are created equal, at least when looking at overall safety. Yes, they have different actions and triggers and barrels and loading systems, but they should all be safe for the user. No matter what you pick, if you use the gun properly, you should never get hurt.

Over the decades, though, constant reports have shown that this just is not true. It is possible to get a rifle that is not as safe, that actually puts you at risk.

That’s the problem with the very popular Remington 700. Story after story claims that the older models of the gun can fire on their own because of a trigger design flaw. These are otherwise great rifles, so they last for years. You can find them in gun shops and gun shows all over Montana. Despite the recalls, you can still buy them easily.

Guns are not like other products, which constantly get updated. When you buy a quality rifle, you may keep it for life. If that rifle is a 700, though, you face a serious risk every time you take it out.

After all, you can follow all of that gun safety advice. You can remember to keep your finger off of the trigger until the moment you want to fire. But if the gun fires on its own, that negates your training and your vigilance. It could go off in the truck or in the blind. It could fire at your house, as you get home to your spouse and kids. You never know when it’s going to discharge all on its own.

After an accident

Have you lost a loved one or suffered a serious firearm injury? It may not be your fault. If the gun was defective, you deserve justice and you need to know what legal steps to take.


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