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Experienced hunters often forget about gun safety

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Defective Remington Rifles |

As an experienced hunter, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know everything. This is a major problem when it comes to gun safety, as you could make a mistake that puts you or someone around you at risk.

Regardless of how much experience you have using guns, it’s important to live by the mantra “safety comes first.” While there are many gun safety tips to follow, these five are among the most important:

  • Always point the muzzle in a safe direction: This sounds like common sense, but it’s easy to forget when you are in the woods and focused on something else. If you never point your gun at something you don’t want to shoot, there’s no chance of an accident.
  • Unload your gun when not in use: Some hunters unintentionally make this mistake, while others are in the habit of never unloading their gun. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so always unload your gun and store it in a safe place.
  • Don’t assume the “safety” is foolproof: Although the “safety” is there for a reason, no mechanical device is foolproof. Furthermore, it’s easy to think the safety is on, just to find that this isn’t the case.
  • Think before you shoot: Although hunters have to react fast in many cases, you need to be 100 percent sure of your target, as well as what’s beyond it, before you pull the trigger. There’s no such thing as a do-over, so you need to know exactly what you’re shooting at.
  • Wear protection: Eye and ear protection is a must, not only when you’re hunting but also when you’re cleaning or repairing your gun.

As unfortunate as it may be, hunting and gun-related accidents are all too common. Regardless of experience, you could be involved in an accident that causes serious injury or death.

Many accidents have nothing to do with safety, but are instead associated with a defective gun. For example, the Remington Model 700 rifle is known to have a trigger defect that can cause spontaneous firing.

If you’re injured in an accident resulting from a defective gun, it’s important to receive medical care and then learn more about your legal rights. For additional advice and guidance, visit our website and blog.


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