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Winter weather can bring strong winds to Montana

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Driving through the state of Montana during the winter months can be an enjoyable experience. With plenty of sights to take in, you’ll never be disappointed with the atmosphere around your vehicle.

Of course, your safety is more important than anything else. It’s important to pay attention to road and weather conditions, such as strong winds, as it will impact your driving style.

Here are four things you can do to drive safely in strong winds this winter:

  • Prepare for wind gusts: When a gust hits, it’s a must that you’re prepared to react. This means having both hands on the wheel and slowing down to maintain control.
  • Watch for high profile vehicles: Commercial trucks, buses and recreational vehicles are much higher than most others on the road. This makes them more likely to tip over in strong winds.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel: Your stability is at risk when driving in strong winds. With both hands on the wheel, it’s easier to maintain control of your vehicle.
  • Slow down: The faster you’re driving in strong winds, the greater chance there is that you’ll lose control. Slow down until conditions calm.

Not only can winter weather bring strong winds, but it also increases the risk of another driver making a mistake that causes an accident.

You do your best to avoid trouble, but another driver could strike your vehicle at some point. Rather than panic, move to safety and call 911. You can then provide first-aid to you and your passengers, receive treatment at a local hospital and then contact your insurance company to file a claim.


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