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How the Remington firearm settlement affects Montana gun owners

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Defective Remington Rifles |

The fact that some firearms are not inherently safe won’t surprise most people. After all, firearms are very dangerous tools that can hurt individuals, including the ones handling them, when proper caution isn’t used. However, as with any product or tool, customers have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety if they use a firearm properly.

Firearms should perform in a reliable manner that allows their owners to adhere to best practices regarding safety. Quality design, strong materials and excellent quality assurance practices are critical to ensuring that each individual firearm is safe for consumers to keep in their homes.

Unfortunately, not all firearms are as safe as they should be, considering their presence in American households. In fact, one of the most respected and well-known firearm manufacturers in the United States recently settled a major lawsuit related to safety issues with their guns. That lawsuit could have an impact on gun owners across Montana.

Remington owners have 18 months to file a claim

For years, the Remington brand has been plagued by reports of bad triggers on their weapons. There have been some reports of firearms charging without individuals even touching the trigger. As a result, multiple gun owners brought a class action lawsuit against Remington.

In the settlement agreement that Remington was able to reach with the participants in the lawsuit, they must offer replacements for bad triggers. This class action lawsuit was credible enough to motivate Remington to settle. Owners of the famous Remington Model 700 will have 18 months to file a claim and get a free replacement trigger. Owners can visit a special website to arrange for the repairs.

There could be a number of implications to this lawsuit. For one, owners who fail to replace the trigger may not have grounds for a lawsuit against the company if there is an accidental discharge in the future. The failure to act could also provide others with grounds for potential negligence claims if the firearm discharges and hurts anyone else in the future.

Knowing your rights is the first step toward sticking up for them

Despite the major implications of the Remington lawsuit, it has not received the same degree of mainstream media coverage as, say, a romaine lettuce recall in recent months. Those who own firearms, especially Remington firearms, in Montana may have questions about how the settlement affects them.

This is particularly true for individuals who feel like they may have a legal claim against Remington or another firearm manufacturer due to poor workmanship or a critical product failure. Speaking with an attorney who understands this case, as well as the issues reported with Remington firearms, can help you decide what your next step should be.


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