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Common causes of the accidental discharge of a firearm

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Firearm Injuries |

Owning a gun comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s best to receive the proper training before using a firearm or carrying it with you. There are times when a firearm accidentally discharges. If you have never experienced an accidental discharge, it can be frightening the first time it happens. Let’s take a look at the most common causes of accidental firearm discharge.

One of the most common causes of accidental firearm discharge is complacency. The more someone becomes comfortable with their firearm, the likelier it is that they become complacent. Complacency sets in because the firearm owner becomes comfortable with their gun. This can easily lead to accidental discharge due to failing to put the safety on or leaving the gun unattended.

The environment around the firearm is another cause of accidental discharge. The environment has a bunch of factors that include the use of alcohol or drugs, cleaning the gun, leaving the gun unattended, driving with the gun, using the gun at night and if the owner likes to show off with the gun in their possession.

A lack of knowledge of firearms is yet another common cause of accidental discharge. Those who handle firearms with little to no training or knowledge can lead to accident discharge. When it comes to lack of knowledge, we are talking about the trigger, the hammers and the functions of a gun.

The accidental discharge of a firearm can have dire consequences. It could injure or kill a person or animal. It could cause property damage. It could also cause the owner of the gun to suffer stiff fines and other penalties.


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