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Common hazards to drivers during the summer months

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Car Accidents |

The summer is the best time of year in Montana to hit the road with family and friends for some adventure. Day trips and lengthy road trips are a national past-time for many. Despite this, driving in the summer can be very dangerous. There is an increase in traffic and other hazards that can pose a problem for drivers.

It’s not hard to notice the increase in traffic during the summer. With school out, more and more families hit the road for vacation. You also have to contend with an increase in bicycles and motorcycles with the summer in Belgrade. Always look twice before turning or changing lanes so you can spot a bicycle or motorcycle in your path of travel.

With the increase in traffic due to school being out, there will be more young, inexperienced drivers on the roads at all times of the day. This means you need to be even more defensive when behind the wheel because you never know what other drivers are doing around you.

The sun is not just harmful when sitting on the beach. The glare from the sun can be quite dangerous. Sun glare can cause you to struggle to see what is in front of you when driving. Always have sunglasses with you when driving.

The engine in your vehicle can easily overheat in the dead of summer. If you notice the temperature of the engine increasing, make sure you pull safely off the road and turn off the vehicle to cool down the engine.

As you can see, driving in the summer can be very dangerous. Just because there is no snow or ice on the road doesn’t mean you won’t run into hazards. Make every trip a safe and memorable one this summer in Montana by avoiding a car accident.


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