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Spotting defects in firearms that could cause injury

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Firearm Injuries |

Owning a firearm is a right afforded by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Firearms come in all shapes, sizes and calibers. Even the safest of gun owners could wind up getting injured in a firearm accident in Belgrade, Montana. A common reason for injuries to gun owners is defects in the manufacturing of the firearm. Here’s how to spot defects before they cause you injury.

Gun owners will most likely find a defect in their firearms when they are either cleaning it or when they are shooting it. These are two times when the owner is the most focused on how the gun is built and how it operates. Broken pieces, defective items and other issues can be very visible when cleaning or shooting the firearm.

Cleaning your gun is a great time to really learn how it is constructed. You will become familiar with all of the moving and nonmoving parts. You might also teach yourself to notice when something just doesn’t look right with the gun. This is a great reason why you should clean your gun regularly. The other reason is that using a dirty gun could lead to negligent issues on your part.

It’s also best to inspect your ammunition magazines if a problem with loading the gun crops up out of the blue. There could be an issue with the springs in the magazines, which can become worn down with a lot of use. You also need to take a good look at all of the spent casings. You might be able to find a problem with the firing pin by doing so.

Spotting potential defects in your firearm is important to your safety. You want to make sure that nothing about the gun will cause you injury in Montana.

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