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Are you doing what’s necessary to avoid a springtime car crash?

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Spring showers bring May flowers, but they also bring slippery road conditions and a host of other hazards for the average Montana driver.

For this reason, anyone driving a car during the springtime months needs to take special precautions to prevent getting into an injurious or fatal car crash.

Be careful of wind and rain

Rain will bring poor visibility and slick roads, and springtime is when we see an uptick in rainy or quickly changing weather. Make sure your driving habits reflect the road conditions at the time.

Look out for frisky animals

The springtime months are when animals come out from hibernation and look for would-be mates. Humans too are getting out for jogging, biking and motorcycling. Keep your eyes out for people and animals who could be more prevalent on the roadways and are less visible than your fellow automobile drivers.

Drive cautiously when road crews are present

During the winter months, work on the roadways largely stops as they freeze over, and cold conditions are not ideal for working outside. However, as the weather begins to thaw, more road crews will be out working on the roads in Montana, repairing the damage that winter brought on them. Make sure you slow down when road crews are present to avoid a crash.

It’s especially important to follow the above advice if you plan on driving this springtime. This is because anyone who fails to drive in accordance with current weather patterns and road conditions could face stiff consequences in terms of being civilly liable for the financial costs stemming from the accidents and injuries caused by their negligence.

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