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Why is the Remington Model 700 still on the market?

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Firearm Injuries |

The Remington Model 700 rifle has a known defect related to its trigger. The defect causes the rifle to spontaneously fire. This defect has resulted in numerous deaths over the years — and one might think that Remington would take notice and try to correct the issue by issuing a free recall and repair.

In fact, Remington has agreed to a class action lawsuit settlement and even a recall relating to their defective guns. The problem is, most gun owners haven’t gone to have their triggers replaced.

It could be due to the fact that Remington as a company has spent decades downplaying the risks associated with these rifles. The fact is, their information campaign has been so successful that — even in the face of clear evidence of the countless people who have been hurt and killed — gun owners with Remington 700s don’t believe that they’re really that dangerous.

Sadly, due to the U.S consumer’s unwillingness to act, millions of defective, unfixed Remington 700s are still being used at firing ranges and for hunting purposes today.

If you or your family member suffered a serious injury caused by a Remington 700 rifle that went off without pulling the trigger, you may have the ability to pursue a claim for financial damages. If successfully navigated, such a claim could bring financial compensation to pay for end of life expenses and other costs related to a loved one’s untimely death. Alternatively, such a claim could help pay for a surviving victim’s medical care, lost income, punitive damages and other such claims.

Source: CBS News, “Popular Remington 700 rifle linked to potentially deadly defect,” Lesley Stahl, accessed Jan. 26, 2018


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