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Common reasons for trucking accidents

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Trucking accidents happen every day on U.S. roads and interstates. Fortunately, most of them do not result in serious injuries or death, but some of them do. For this reason, it’s important that we learn and understand why trucking accidents happen so that they can be avoided in the future.

Here are some of the most common reasons why trucking crashes occur:

Driver fatigue

Special rules and regulations exist to prevent driver fatigue. Truckers can only operate their vehicles a specific number of hours a day, a specific number of days in a row and they can only work a specific number of hours in a week. If a trucker violates these rules and gets into a crash because he or she was sleepy, then the trucker and his or her employer could be liable for the crash.

Overloaded trailers

Trailer contents must be appropriately balanced and trailers cannot be overloaded, or a crash could happen. Truckers and transportation companies must adhere to specific requirements and limitations when loading trailers or they could be financially liable in the event of a crash.

Improper driving

Just like any other kind of vehicle driver, truckers could be distracted, speeding, violating the law or doing something else that leads to a crash that ultimately was the fault of the trucker.

The above examples are just three of the common reasons why trucking accidents happen. If you or a family member was injured or killed in a semitruck-related crash, it’s important to evaluate the accident to determine if any of the above or other reasons caused the crash, as it could lead to the truck driver or transportation company being liable for damages.


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