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Montana dad wants Remington to fix its fatal trigger flaw

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Firearm Injuries |

A father from Gallatin Valley wants Remington to correct a trigger flaw that led to the death of his son 17 years ago. The man warned viewers in a recent television interview that more people will die this year, as they do every year, because of the defective trigger device built into the Remington Model 700.

The man’s son died while they were hunting in October at the beginning of hunting season 17 years ago. Having lost his son because of a fatal defect with the fire control mechanism on a Remington Model 700, the man said that he often worries about who has been killed or injured by this weapon since the death of his son so many years in the past.

In an effort to educate the public on the dangerous firearm, the man has launched an information campaign across the world wide web. He said that numerous families have contacted him seeking answers after experiencing similar tragedies like his family did.

As the father states in the television interview, Remington has been fully aware that its guns misfire at unexpected moments for over 70 years. The rifle can fire without anyone pulling the trigger. In researching the problem, the dad who is moving forward with his information campaign has collected millions of documents from Remington’s internal records that prove that the rifle is dangerous in this regard. The father said that anyone can fix their Remington Model 700 at a cost of $150 for an aftermarket trigger assembly.

If you know of someone who was injured or killed by a Remington Model 700, let them know that they may have the right to pursue financial justice in court. If successfully navigated, such a legal action could bring money to pay for medical costs, lost income, end of life expenses and other financial damages.

Source:, “Montana father takes case against Remington to social media,” Dennis Carlson, Oct. 18, 2017


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