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Even toy guns are dangerous: Doctors reveal Nerf gun risks

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Firearm Injuries |

A report published by the BMJ medical journal reveals the risks associated with toy guns, especially Nerf guns. These popular toys shoot soft projectiles. Upon examining the projectiles, one might assume that they’re safe because of how soft they are. However, when a child’s eye is hit the wrong way, such projectile can pose serious health risks for the eyes.

According to the report, within three months, three different and unrelated cases went to the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London for treatment. In two of the cases, adult patients had inflammation and blood pooling in the eye after a getting hit by a Nerf gun. Another 11-year-old patient also suffered from blood pooling, damage and inflammation resulting in problems with the eye’s retinal layers.

According to the researchers, medical literature doesn’t address ocular injuries related to Nerf guns. However, the doctors who treated the patients in these cases were surprised by the extent and severity of the injuries caused by this simple children’s toy. Fortunately, in all of the cases, the symptoms of the patients — which included blurred vision, red eyes and bleeding — resolved following several weeks of recovery and medical treatments to reduce eye blood pressure.

In all three of the cases, they involved a Nerf gunshot from a close proximity. In one of the cases, the toy “bullets” were not Nerf brand. The Nerf brand bullets are more expensive and in many cases, people purchase the cheaper ones. However, the cheaper bullets are often harder than the Nerf branded ones.

We all know that guns and firearms are dangerous, but even toy guns can be risky to use. Montana parents are encouraged, therefore, to make sure that gun safety education starts early. Teach your children to use their toy guns properly. Also, if a toy gun injury — or a regular gun injury — happens due to another person’s negligence, you may want to get medical attention immediately and learn more about your legal options.

Source: NBC Montana, “Nerf guns can pose serious eye risk, doctors warn,” Puja Bhattacharjee, Sep. 19, 2017


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