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3 types of neck injuries caused by a rear-end crash

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A rear-end crash is something that many people might not think of as a serious accident. However, the injuries that can occur after one of these accidents can be serious. Movies haven’t made it any easier for people who are injured in these crashes because these often portray crash victims as people who are faking injuries if they suffer from neck pain. There are a few different types of injuries that might occur after a rear-end crash.


The violent motion of the head causes whiplash when you are rear-ended. The ligaments and bones of the neck can’t handle the range of the motion that occurs in these accidents, so they can be injured. Whiplash might not be noticeable right after the accident. You might not feel the stiffness and soreness that occurs until a day or more after the accident.

Imaging scans and a medical evaluation can help you to get an accurate diagnosis so that you can get the treatment that you need. Treatments for whiplash can include a neck brace, physical therapy, medication, and occupational therapy.

Herniated disk

While herniated disks aren’t commonly associated with car crashes, they are possible. In order for a disk to be herniated, the spine would have to be compressed, bent, and hyperflexed. It would happen in a severe rear-end accident, such as one that involves a car travelling at high speeds.

Often, a person who has degenerated disks might suffer from herniated disks after an accident because of the force. Imaging scans after the accident that are compared to the scans before the accident can show the damage that may have neen caused. This type of injury can require surgical intervention, medication, and treatments that can have a significant impact on your life.

Pulled muscles

Pulled muscles are a problem after a rear-end accident sometimes because of the same back-and-forth motion of the head in the accident. This is especially common if there aren’t headrests in the vehicle. Even though a pulled neck muscle might not require emergency medical care, it can still mean that you might have to miss work because of the pain and medication if you are prescribed muscle relaxers. This would make it difficult for you to provide for your family and it could make it hard to care for your children.

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