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Many of our Montana readers, just the same as those in other parts of the world, are well aware that Toyota is one of the most reliable automakers. While this may be true, the company has run into its fair share of problems over the past couple of years, including a variety of recalls.

Toyota is faced with the task of alerting consumers that they could be driving a dangerous vehicle.

The company is set to recall more than 422,000 Lexus vehicles in the US as the result of a potential fuel leak that could increase the risk of a fire.

The recall covers some of the company’s most popular models, including:

— IS models from the years 2006 to 2011

— GS models from the years 2006 to 2011

— LS models from the years 2007 to 2010

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is a possibility for fuel to leak from the area where the fuel pressure sensor and fuel delivery pipe are attached. In the event of a spark, a fire could result.

At this time, Toyota has made it clear to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they are not aware of any injuries related to the problem. Even then, the company is going to notify affected owners in December to ensure that they stop by a local dealer to resolve the problem.

Toyota is not the only automaker to issue a recall in 2014, with many others, including GM, doing the same. If a person is injured due to a defective car part, he or she may begin to consider legal action.

Source: CNBC, “Toyota Lexus to recall some 2006-2011 models due to fuel leak” Nov. 21, 2014


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