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Last week we discussed the fact that teenage drivers are at greater risk of being involved in a car accident than other drivers who are more experienced. Unfortunately, inexperience may have been a factor in a recent single-vehicle crash that left four people injured in Billings.

The crash occurred on Interstate 90 near South 27th Street. For some reason, the eastbound vehicle rolled, injuring four people who were inside. According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the driver of the car was a 15-year-old boy. The passengers in the car included an 11-year-old boy and two 14-year-old girls. All four suffered injuries and were taken to local hospitals.

Police have not made any statements about why a 15-year-old was driving the car. Although some 15-year-olds can obtain a Traffic Education Learner’s License, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Regardless of the possibility that this boy was driving illegally, this serious car accident may have been the result of inexperience. Young drivers are simply not accustomed to dealing with certain situations. While some reactions come naturally to more experienced drivers, it takes time for young drivers to acquire those instincts.

In the aftermath of this terrible accident, four children are left to recover from serious injuries. Although it is fortunate that everyone survived, not all families are prepared to pay for unexpected medical treatment. To find financial relief, a family may want to consider their options under Montana’s personal injury laws. No one deserves to suffer financial instability because someone else caused an accident.

Source: KBZK, “Teens injured in one vehicle accident on I-90,” Aug. 4, 2013


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