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We read about it in our local newspapers every day. Someone misjudges a curve or takes their eyes of the road for just a second and loses control of their car. Although these types of car accidents seem to happen frequently in Montana, do we ever take a moment to think about the effects it can have on so many other lives? Over the weekend in Lincoln County, a particularly tragic single-car accident occurred that all too clearly illustrates the damage a car accident can cause.

On Saturday, a 32-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were driving on Iron Creek Road in Lincoln County when the man lost control of the car while rounding a curve. When the front wheel slid off the side of the road, he attempted to get back on track, but ended up swerving across both lanes of the road. The car flew into the air and crashed into two trees. Sadly, both occupants were killed.

So far, police know for sure that the driver was speeding around the curve when he lost control of the car. They do not know, however, if alcohol was involved.

Perhaps the most tragic part of this fatal crash is that the young woman who died had a 2-year-old son, who will grow up without the emotional and financial support of his mother. In situations like this, a wrongful death lawsuit can be a good way to ensure that a child who lost a parent in a crash receives compensation that can help support him or her for a substantial period of time.

Source: The Western News, “Two killed in Iron Creek Road accident,” June 19, 2013


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