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A Montana couple is facing further court proceedings after filing an appeal in their Remington Model 700 products liability case. The pair is claiming that the gun malfunctioned in 1989, leaving a man paralyzed.

A judge ruled in late April that the couple’s claim had expired. The victims had filed their claim against Remington Arms Co. and Sporting Goods Properties, Inc., along with the entity that owned all of Remington’s publicly available stock, before 1993. Two similar cases have also been dismissed in Rhode Island and Washington state, according to the judge in the case.

Courtroom documents show that the man was paralyzed during a hunting trip with his relative. The Remington 700 rifle allegedly misfired when the man’s stepson was getting back into their vehicle. The suit was not filed until recently because the man always thought his stepson had accidentally hit the trigger as he got into the truck. The couple was only notified about potential products liability issues after they watched a 2010 television expose about the Remington Model 700 gun. That suit featured another Montana couple whose school-aged son was killed when his mother was unloading the firearm.

The gun model has been besieged with lawsuits since data revealed that design defects could cause the firearm to discharge without warning. These misfires can occur when the safety is disengaged, the bolt is moved or the firearm is simply jarred.

The couple filed their suit in September 2012. Their claim sought compensation because of negligence and liability for the firearm’s defects. Consumers are still largely unaware of the dangers of the product, according to civil claims.

If your family has been affected by injuries or deaths from the Remington Model 700, consider seeking assistance from a qualified personal injury attorney. These professionals can help you protect your rights and get the money you deserve to pay for your injuries. Claims against the gun manufacturer could include compensation for pain and suffering, wrongful death, emotional distress and medical bills, among others.

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