Successfully Helping Injured People in Montana for More Than 40 Years

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Yet another Montana resident has filed a civil suit in connection with defective parts on the Remington model 700 rifle. The allegedly dangerous product has been much maligned in hunting and recreational circles for its tendency to fire without warning. This attribute has been linked to faulty firing mechanisms.

Documents filed earlier in the month in Bozeman indicate that a man and his stepson were hunting elk in the Cascade County region when a tragic accident occurred. The younger man reportedly slipped with the gun in his hand. The gun went off, shooting the man’s stepfather in the spine.

It is not clear whether the victim in this suit was permanently disabled because of the accident, but it seems possible that serious physical ramifications are attributable to using the Remington model 700.

The gun manufacturer has been under fire from hunting and other firearms groups because of the Remington model 700’s allegedly poor construction. A Manhattan man has filed a similar suit against the gun manufacturer. In that case, the man alleges that his model 700 fired unexpectedly when his wife was unloading it, killing their son.

The man in the Montana incident may be able to recover compensatory damages for his medical costs and pain and suffering connected with the spine injury he endured. Additionally, if he is physically incapacitated, he may be eligible to recover money for lost wages or other benefits.

The continued problems that have arisen from this firearm in recent years are likely to provide a vigorous legal battle in the coming months.

Source: NBC Montana, “Another Montana resident files lawsuit against Remington,” Sept. 24, 2012.


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