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A three-vehicle car accident injured five people during the mid-morning hours of June 27, according to Montana Highway Patrol troopers. The three-car wreck occurred on Amsterdam Road that Wednesday morning, as documented in official reports.

Law enforcement officers say a sedan heading west on Amsterdam Road crossed the center line, slamming into an eastbound pickup truck. That first collision happened near the interchange with Interstate 90 in Bozeman. The sedan driver, who had struck the truck nearly head-on, spun around and ricocheted into another eastbound vehicle. The third car had been traveling behind the pickup truck.

In all, the vehicles contained five occupants. Everyone involved sustained some kind of injury, according to authorities. The group was transported to the Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries. Hospital officials have not yet released the identities of those involved, and the medical conditions associated with the wreck have not been revealed.

Officers reported that some of the vehicle occupants had chosen not to wear their seat belts during the car ride, which may have exacerbated some of their injuries. The decision not to wear seat belts can be a fatal one, though it was luckily not deadly in this particular instance. Still, by wearing seat belts, drivers and occupants can greatly reduce their risk of injury, which can lead to lower necessity for litigation to recover medical costs.

Representatives from the Montana Highway Patrol are continuing to investigate the crash. It is not clear whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the collision, and officials have not said whether the weather was a factor in the crash.

Since the extent of the victims’ injuries is unknown, it is difficult to surmise whether they will seek compensation for physical or emotional pain resulting from the accident.

Source: The Bozeman Daily Chronicle, “Five injured in morning crash on Amsterdam Road,” Whitney Bermes, June 28, 2012


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