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Everyone knows that drunk driving is one of the leading causes of serious personal injuries Montana. Distracted driving is also another common cause of tragic car accidents around the state. While most motorists are prudent enough to avoid texting or drinking while driving, this flu season may cause a driver to become an unexpected danger to others on local roads.

A new study found that sick driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Drivers who drove with colds showed delayed reaction time, problems making curves and were more likely to brake suddenly. The study found that driving with a regular cold could be as bad as driving more than four double shots of whiskey.

Drivers can also display erratic driving behavior when reaching for tissues or sneezing.

“It’s taking away your attention,” one state trooper said of driving while sick. “You’re more focused on your cold than you are on your driving.”

The trooper also added that drivers should be cautious if they have taken any powerful medicines. Many new over-the-counter cold medicines can promote drowsiness which may lead motorists to drive unsafely and cause car accidents.

“You should be evaluating yourself,” the trooper said. “Can I drive safely while I’m feeling as ill as I am?

If you are the victim of a drunk driving or sick driving car accident, it is important to contact to an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case. A personal injury attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and to hold negligent drivers of all kinds accountable for the damages that they cause.

Source: Komo News, “Study: Driving while sick as bad as drunk driving,” Mark Miller, Jan. 5, 2012


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