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Recently, severe weather in Montana made driving hazardous. On Nov. 5, first responders and tow trucks spent the day clearing wrecked cars from roads after an early-season snow. The severe weather led to a high number of auto accidents during the day. In one accident, a pickup truck rolled over and landed in Cottonwood Creek. Fortunately, there were no reports of serious injuries, but many of those involved in auto accidents suffered from minor injuries, including cuts and bruises.

People driving too fast for the snowy conditions was the underlying factor in many of the car accidents. Montana Highway Patrol officials stressed that during bad weather drivers should make extra time in their travel plans. With winter just around the corner, this is great advice.

Excessive speeding during periods of severe weather can lead to serious auto accidents. Gallatin County residents who have been involved in an auto accident should have a firm understanding of all the related legal issues. It is not good enough to blame the weather if someone was still driving recklessly or negligently. All drivers have a duty to be mindful and cautious of their surroundings, including other drivers on the road.

Individuals who have suffered serious injury in an auto accident may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit seeking monetary damages for someone else’s negligent actions. Engaging the services of a personal injury lawyer who can explain the legal options and offer advice on how to proceed can help. The lawyer can review the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and offer advice as to how to proceed.

Source: KBZK, “Crashes litter Gallatin County roadways,” Dennis Carlson, Nov. 5, 2011


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