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Hit by a drunk driver? You can hold them responsible in Montana

Ingrained as part of Montana's culture, it is not uncommon to witness someone sipping a beer at the wheel. A casual drinking attitude has been commonplace in the state for decades. Binge drinking is seen as just a part of the college lifestyle while walking out of the bar with a to-go cup is just another funny quirk of the small town bar. This relaxed view on drinking perpetuates Montana as having some of the worst drunk driving statistics in the nation. Drunk drivers can be held responsible for the suffering they create in their path through civil suits.

Trucking Fatalities Increase Despite Safety Regulations

Despite continued efforts to make working conditions safer for commercial truck drivers, such as regulations on how many hours they are allowed to drive in a certain time period, accidents still occur. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found an increase in traffic fatalities involving trucks in 2015.

It's 'Motorcycle Awareness Month'

As the mercury rises and the days get longer, car and truck drivers are sharing the roads with more motorcyclists. May is designated as "Motorcycle Awareness Month." The purpose is to remind all motorists to exercise extra care when behind the wheel - especially with motorcycles are out and about.

Five Steps to Take After a Car Accident

From a minor fender-bender to a serious head-on collision, being involved in any type of car accident is likely to be a scary and disorienting experience. In the wake of an accident, you may feel a range of strong emotions which could lead you to do or say things that negatively impact your ability to later recover compensation.

Does your brand new car have a potentially deadly Takata airbag?

A few years ago, safety regulators began to notice a strange pattern of incidents in which a vehicle's airbag had suddenly exploded, spraying plastic and metal shrapnel through the passenger compartment. Urgent safety investigations around the globe resulted in the largest auto safety recall in U.S. history. The investigators concluded that the explosions were caused by moisture intrusion into the airbags' ammonium nitrate-based inflators. Ammonium nitrate is a volatile chemical used in inflators for airbags manufactured by Takata.

Three strategies to stay safe around semi-trucks

If you live and drive in the Belgrade area, chances are you've had your share of close encounters with semi-trucks. Especially on I-90, semis are such a common sight in Montana that it can be easy to forget just how dangerous they really are. Keep these tips in mind to stay out of harm's way the next time you find yourself sharing a stretch of highway with an 18-wheeler.

Accidents on ice- and snow-packed roads: Who is responsible?

It's no secret that winter driving can be challenging. In Montana, winter weather can be extreme and unexpected. Large amounts of snow and ice, black ice, strong winds, cold temperatures, and other factors contribute to often-dangerous driving conditions.

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