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Tesla's electric semitruck can prevent jackknifing accidents

The electric automaker, Tesla, has been taking the passenger vehicle market by storm, and now it wants to tap into the semitruck and transportation business by selling the electric Tesla Semi, which boasts numerous safety features. These features could offer solutions to some of the most dangerous aspects of semitrucks that cause fatal truck accidents.

Who are the defendants in a truck accident?

When most Montana residents get hurt by a negligent or unlawful truck driver, they focus on the truck driver to hold him or her accountable. However, the truck driver who caused your car accident and injuries may not be the only one who's liable. The employer of the truck driver could also be liable for financial damages resulting from your auto accident.

5 misconceptions about truck accident prevention

When it comes to truck accident prevention and the safety of big rigs, there are a lot of "so called facts" that people throw around. Many of these facts just aren't true. In an effort to dispel some of these myths, let's take a look at some of the most common truck accident safety misconceptions that you might encounter.

How to survive a tire blowout

Tire blowouts happen a lot more frequently than most motorists would care to know. You might think that these incidents happen due to a weak spot in the tire, a nail in the road or too much pressure. While these are indeed frequent causes of a blowout, most are the result of too little air in the tire. The lack of air pressure causes too much flexion in the tire, which causes the tire to overheat.

Safety tech that could prevent semitruck accident deaths

Have you ever looked at the side of a semitruck trailer, and noticed how high it sits off the ground? A large portion of a vehicle could slip under these trailers if the vehicle were to collide with the semitruck from the side. The problem is, the top of the vehicle -- the windshield and the roof -- would smash into the trailer as the car slips under in an accident scenario.

How can I avoid a semitruck collision?

Every Montana driver has encountered a giant semitruck on the highway. Facing these behemoths is probably a normal occurrence for you if you drive on a regular basis. Although 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles are common, it does not mean they're safe. One mistake by a truck driver or passenger car driver can result in a fatal crash in an instance.

Know your rights after a semitruck crash

All motor vehicle accidents are serious matters that must be treated as such. When the accident pits a large semitruck against a smaller passenger vehicle, the results can be absolutely devastating. It is imperative that everyone who is involved in a crash with a big rig understand what they should and shouldn't do after the crash.

Discussing the nature of truck accidents

Truck accidents are rampant on our roadways. Inherent to these wrecks is the fact that commercial vehicles, such as big rigs and semi trucks, weigh many tons and can often exceed 80,000 pounds in weight. As such, they carry a tremendous amount of momentum and power. When they collide with other vehicles, serious or fatal injuries are possible.

Three strategies to stay safe around semi-trucks

If you live and drive in the Belgrade area, chances are you've had your share of close encounters with semi-trucks. Especially on I-90, semis are such a common sight in Montana that it can be easy to forget just how dangerous they really are. Keep these tips in mind to stay out of harm's way the next time you find yourself sharing a stretch of highway with an 18-wheeler.

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