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Remington judge worried defective guns are in consumers’ hands

A proposed settlement, satisfying class action lawsuits over an alleged trigger flaw on Remington rifles, is being questioned by a federal court. A judge is concerned the defendant's plan to settle claims about Remington 700 Series bolt-action rifles and other gun models might not be sufficient. The judge wondered why a gun buy-back wasn't proposed.

All-terrain vehicle conflict in Montana defective product suits

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is the federal agency responsible for all-terrain vehicle safety. In Montana, the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks regulates ATV laws. Some critics, including the Consumer Federation of America, believe states should forbid the use of ATVs on public roads.

Recoup your costs after defective products cause serious injuries

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes. Imagine driving your car and having a wheel shaft break due to manufacturer defects. Maybe your tires blow out because the air pressure markings aren't correct, resulting in you overfilling them. Your child could be playing with a toy that breaks into sharp pieces, or you could be electrocuted by a power tool that isn't working properly. Those are just a few examples of how defects can affect you in dramatic ways.

Remington defective guns settlement detoured to hearing

Montana gun owners are among millions of people nationwide waiting to hear what a judge has to say. A federal court is considering a settlement concerning Remington firearms, tied by allegedly faulty triggers to at least two dozen deaths and several hundred injuries. Remington officials refuse to admit the company manufactured dangerous products – settlements do not require an admission of fault – or consider the settlement terms a recall.

Honda car recall expands

Our Montana readers, just the same as those in other regions of the United States, know that Honda is one of the biggest automakers in the world. Many people also know that the company is among the most reliable in terms of quality and safety.

Toyota set to issue large car recall

Many of our Montana readers, just the same as those in other parts of the world, are well aware that Toyota is one of the most reliable automakers. While this may be true, the company has run into its fair share of problems over the past couple of years, including a variety of recalls.

Your right to compensation for defective product use in Montana

Have you been hurt by a defective product? If so, it's likely that you can seek compensation for your injuries. Consider this: When you purchase a tool, product or have a medical device implanted inside you, you expect that it's in working order and won't cause you harm. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, and that can mean a trip to the hospital.

Manufacturer liability for defective guns

Gun manufacturers are bound by laws to sell products that are safe to use. That may seem paradoxical, since the intended use of a weapon is often to injure or kill. Guns can be used for dangerous purposes, but Montana consumers still depend on firearms makers to manufacture weapons without harmful defects.

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