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Motorcycle safety in Montana

As a motorcyclist, you deserve to know how dangerous or safe riding your vehicle is in Montana. There are a number of statistics that have been updated since October 2014, which makes it easier to see how the United States is doing in terms of better safety for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, not many of the statistics show a positive change in the country.

Do helmet laws affect my motorcycle accident case in Montana?

When you're in a motorcycle accident caused by a driver's negligence, there's no question that you have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault party. Some things can affect your case, though, especially if you were breaking the law at the time of the accident. Motorcycle helmet laws are some of the laws that can affect you.

How common is a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle accident, regardless of whether it occurs in Montana or another part of the country, can lead to serious injury or death. Most motorcyclists realize they are taking a risk every time they jump on their bike. Even then, the majority believes they will never be involved in an accident.

Injured riding your motorcycle? Fight back in Montana

In Montana, riding your motorcycle allows you to see beautiful landscapes and feel the breeze as you drive. There are, of course, downsides to riding a motorcycle, and one is that drivers may not see you as clearly on the roads. That can lead to injuries for you and damage to your bike, which is something no one wants to see happen.

At least 2 injured in motorcycle crash in Montana

Motorcyclists are often not seen on the roadways due to their smaller sizes, but that isn't something drivers can use as a defense when accidents take place. If you've been struck and hurt or have lost a family member to a driver's negligence, you do have a right to seek compensation and even pursue a civil lawsuit. These people or their families may choose to seek compensation, just like you.

Sudden drop in alcohol-related fatalities in Montana crashes

In Montana, the number of alcohol-related crash fatalities has dropped, which is good news if you're driving in the state. If you have been in a car accident with a drunk driver, you likely know that the consequences can be severe. This report of the lower number of fatalities in crashes related to alcohol may serve as a symbol of the way increased laws and changes in law enforcement have helped.

Be careful when riding ATVs this fall

Summer is ending and the weather is reaching that perfect balance between warm and cool. It is little wonder that people all over Montana try to spend as much time as possible outdoors during this time of year. Unfortunately, enjoying the weather is not always a safe pursuit. A number of recreational accidents, motorcycle accidents and pedestrian accidents occur at this time of year. One pastime that can be particularly dangerous is riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Car crosses center line and crashes into motorcycle in Montana

A motorcycle rider died and his passenger injured apparently due to a car crossing the center line of a highway and striking the motorcycle.  The accident occurred along U.S. Highway 212 in eastern Montana in Powder River County.

Fatal motorcycle crash occurs in dangerous Montana intersection

Not long ago, a young man was riding his motorcycle through the streets of Billings. The Montana man's evening cruise ended tragically at the intersection of Sixth Street West and Grand Avenue. An SUV collided with the motorcycle, which caused the biker to sustain multiple injuries that would ultimately claim his life.

Rider killed, others hurt in head-on crash

A motorcycle accident in Yellowstone National Park claimed the life of a man earlier this month when he collided head-on with an SUV. The motorcycle rider, age 52, was traveling between Madison Junction and the overlook at Gibbon Falls when he was struck by the large vehicle. The SUV had been traveling southbound and crossed the centerline.

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