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Man claims rifle misfired, led to teen's death

A rifle that has been linked to a 2000 killing of a 9-year-old Montana boy claimed the life of an East Coast teenager in late 2011. The FBI has become the most recent addition to the investigative team for the products liability case, which is concerned with the alleged malfunctions associated with the Remington 700 model rifle.

Motion Filed in Defective Firearm Court Secrecy Case

In 1995, a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer Remington was settled quietly in Montana. The case involved a dangerous defect in Remington's 700-series rifles: it caused the guns to fire without anyone pulling the trigger. But few consumers have ever known about Aleksich because there is almost no record of the case having existed.

Two accidental shootings in Montana caused by same model rifle

There have been reported accidental shootings in Montana involving Remington Model 700 rifles. A 14-year old was injured in 1988 after his brother released the safety on the gun which caused it to discharge without touching the trigger. And in a 2000 incident, a 9-year old Montana boy was killed allegedly due to an inadvertent discharge resulting from use of the same Remington model rifle. This discharge supposedly occurred when the 9-year old boy's mother pushed the safety switch on.

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