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December 2019 Archives

Tips for staying safe on the road after dark

Driving at night is challenging and even frightening for many people. Older people in particular experience problems because of changes in vision due to aging. No matter what your age and extent of driving experience, if you've been the victim of a car crash, particularly one that occurred at night, being behind the wheel after dark can be a terrifying thing.

Why are so many defective guns on the market?

You'd think that the federal government would have stricter safety standards for firearms than just about any other product on the market. Unfortunately, that's not the case. In fact, there are no federal design safety standards for guns made in the U.S. State regulations vary significantly, and Montana is not one of the few states with strict safety standards.

Don't let a parking lot crash ruin your holidays

This time of year, most people are spending a lot of time driving around in parking lots. Whether you're at the local shopping center, a neighborhood grocery store, your children's school or your office building, it's essential not to let your guard down just because you're not on the road.

Car accident back injuries are not always obvious

Although car safety features are better than they have ever been, car accidents remain one of the most common ways for a person to suffer a serious injury. Often, the impact of an accident leaves victims with injuries that do not cause any immediate pain or visible signs, although the injuries themselves are often quite serious.

Was that truck driver who hit you tested for sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is considered such a potential threat to driving safety that professional truck drivers who are found to have a moderate to severe form of the condition will lose their commercial driver's license (CDL) if they don't undergo treatment. It's no wonder that many drivers won't take a test to determine whether they have sleep apnea if they don't have to.

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