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February 2018 Archives

5 steps for treating whiplash

The most common type of motor vehicle accident injury relates to whiplash. That's because, during a car accident, the gravitational forces invariably whip the head and neck around violently. This can cause the tearing of muscles and ligaments, which can create a stiff neck, headaches and extreme pain.

The Takata Airbag recall saga continues

When it comes to dangerous products, consumers rarely find out about the dangers of certain products until after numerous people have been injured and or killed. This is exactly what happened with the massive Takata Airbag recall, which has affected millions of vehicles built by different manufacturers throughout the world. When left unfixed, defective Takata airbags can explode, causing death and catastrophic injuries to passengers and drivers.

Underride collisions with commercial trucks cost lives

Most people who drive already know that commercial trucks, like eighteen wheelers and semitrucks, pose a greater risk to other drivers than passenger vehicles. With their massive size and extreme weight, commercial trucks make wider turns, take longer to stop and can utterly destroy smaller vehicles in a crash. No matter how many steps you take to stay safe on the road, an accident is always a possibility.

Strategies to avoid a car crash

No one plans to get into a car accident, and they always happen when we least expect them. Even worse, they can result in life-altering injuries that may never fully heal. As such, every motorist needs to follow the rules of the road, drive defensively and do everything possible to avoid getting into a crash.

59-year-old Montana man dead in fatal car accident

Perhaps the most unsettling thing about motor vehicle accidents is the way they happen when we least expect them to, and the way they alter the course of our lives forever. Be it a catastrophic injury or a death in the family, if it's a serious enough crash, no one will forget that fateful day.

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