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November 2012 Archives

Remington 700 claims another victim

A man killed in an East Coast hunting accident could be the latest victim of the faulty Remington 700 model rifle. That model of gun has been the subject of a slew of product liability suits since the 1990s, with more people falling victim to its failures each year. Many of those cases have been filed in Montana, but victims hail from all around the world.

Pedestrian's estate sues bar for DUI death

The estate of a man who was killed in a drunk driving accident has filed a suit against the bar that allegedly over-served the intoxicated vehicle operator. The wrongful death suit alleges that the establishment served an obviously drunken customer, who then got behind the wheel and killed an area resident. The bar, KT's Hayloft Saloon, had a responsibility to limit the amount of alcohol served to its patrons, according to court documents.

Man shot on toilet sues Remington

A man who was shot by a Remington rifle while sitting on the toilet has decided to file a suit against the gun manufacturer. The man, who was in a hunting club at the time of the accident, filed the products liability suit after the rifle accidentally discharged while in the hands of a friend. That accident happened about two years ago, in October 2010.

Man racks up astonishing 10th DUI

A man was, amazingly, charged with his 10th DUI after allegedly causing a motorcycle wreck while drunk driving. The driver, who had previous convictions in Montana, Wyoming, Texas and North Dakota, reportedly caused the car accident when he turned his large SUV in front of a motorcycle at an intersection in Billings.

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