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October 2012 Archives

Montana man killed in rear-end crash

A 27-year-old Montana man was killed during a car accident north of Casper, Wyoming, earlier this month. The driver suspected of causing the crash could face 20 years or more in prison in connection with the incident, having been charged with a single count of aggravated vehicular homicide. Three other people, two children and an adult woman were also injured in the collision.

Remington sued for Model 600 misfire

Yet another family in Montana has filed a suit against gun manufacturer Remington in connection with injury or death from the Model 600 Mohawk Rifle. The products liability suit claims that a woman was shot in the foot during a hunting outing in 2007, according to legal documents filed earlier this month.

Wreck injures occupants in three cars

A large wreck along Interstate 94 sent several passengers and drivers to local hospital facilities after a crash earlier this month, according to local reports. The car accident occurred at about 9 a.m., said officials, when a pickup truck towing a motor home struck ice and lost control, plunging into a guardrail.

Head-on collision kills female car passenger

A tragic head-on collision at night on Highway 260 recently resulted in the untimely death of a 36-year-old woman from Bonner, Montana. She was traveling in a car driven by her husband at approximately 11:30 p.m. on a Friday when another vehicle traveling east on the highway driven by a teenage boy wandered across the center line in the road, resulting in the collision. Authorities suspect that careless or impaired driving by the teenager may have caused the accident.

Remington model 700 claims another victim

Yet another Montana resident has filed a civil suit in connection with defective parts on the Remington model 700 rifle. The allegedly dangerous product has been much maligned in hunting and recreational circles for its tendency to fire without warning. This attribute has been linked to faulty firing mechanisms.

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