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May 2012 Archives

Truck collides with bus carrying veterans on Montana highway

A heart-stopping vehicle accident on a state highway earlier this month has left four people injured after a bus and pickup truck collided. The truck accident happened in rural Montana during the early morning hours. The motor coach was carrying a total of 17 people, including former soldiers and their family members.

Defective waterslide leads to death, serious injuries

Summer is on its way, and that means that people throughout Montana are going to take to their pool to cool off during the warm days. Recent information released from a government agency may cause some people to rethink their summer fun, though. A series of products liability suits has prompted the recall of a popular home waterslide.

Billings family receives $400K from city, county in wrongful death suit

A suit involving a nurse who was killed in a drunk driving accident in 2008 has finally been settled, with the woman's family receiving $400,000. The wrongful death suit was filed against the police departments who were chasing the drunk driver. Their actions ultimately killed the 27-year-old woman, according to family members. The city of Billings and Yellowstone County will each contribute $200,000 to the settlement funds.

Passenger injured in hit-and-run accident in Helena

Many drivers think they can avoid punishment for an accident if they simply run away from the scene of the car accident. The decision to hit-and-run can have dire consequences. Not only do drivers face more penalties if they are apprehended after they leave the scene, but they also leave the occupants of the other vehicle to the whims of fate.

Previously charged Montana woman involved in another accident causing injury

A shocking number of bad drivers repeatedly break the law by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, failing to heed traffic signals and disregarding other rules. We would think that people who continue to endanger others with potential for a car accident would be taken off of the roads for good, but a recent accident near Helena proves that assertion wrong. Even people who are accused of felony driving offenses are allowed to remain on our nation's roads, posing a hazard for their passengers and other drivers alike.

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