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February 2012 Archives

Motion Filed in Defective Firearm Court Secrecy Case

In 1995, a lawsuit against the gun manufacturer Remington was settled quietly in Montana. The case involved a dangerous defect in Remington's 700-series rifles: it caused the guns to fire without anyone pulling the trigger. But few consumers have ever known about Aleksich because there is almost no record of the case having existed.

Man injured in fatal crash sues bus companies

A bus driver who had just joined a bus company within the past year was driving 65 mph to 70 mph on an icy highway, according to the Montana State Police, when he was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident that killed two people. Thirty-two people suffered injuries from the crash.

Mother allegedly on drugs crashes and kills husband and daughter

Residents in Montana may have heard about a recent tragic accident that occurred in another state. A woman was arrested and charged with manslaughter after the fatal motor vehicle accident. She posted bond and was bailed out of jail four days after the accident that killed her daughter and husband. She was re-arrested when the prosecutors upped the charge to murder. The woman still remains in jail.

The wrong kind of morning eye-opener

Waking up at an early hour is unpleasant for most people, so anything to make mornings less pleasant is certainly unwelcome. For many in Montana, coffee is the solution for grogginess. Unfortunately, one person received burn injuries as the result of a faulty coffee maker. The defective appliance is manufactured by Tassimo and is currently under recall for the danger it poses to users.

Montana businesswoman dies in a car accident

Accidents can be life-altering and alarming. Because cars are fast and powerful machines, crashes can end in serious injuries or death. If a loved one is lost in an accident, family members of the victim tend to ask questions. Why did this happen? Who was involved? What could have prevented this from occurring? In a recent story, loved ones of a late Montana woman will have to scrap for answers. Very little is publically known about this horrific accident.

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