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What was the Remington settlement offer?

Remington has been embattled in a lawsuit accusing the company of producing guns that could allegedly fire on their own, even if no one pulled the trigger. Moreover, it's been alleged that they knew this problem existed and actively worked to cover it up.

It's important to note that Remington has said that they didn't cover anything up and that their rifles, including the Model 700, are not inherently dangerous. Instead, the company says that mistakes made by users have caused the guns to fire inadvertently.

Know your rights after a semitruck crash

All motor vehicle accidents are serious matters that must be treated as such. When the accident pits a large semitruck against a smaller passenger vehicle, the results can be absolutely devastating. It is imperative that everyone who is involved in a crash with a big rig understand what they should and shouldn't do after the crash.

One thing that you should do is try to gather as much information as you can about the accident. Get the trucker's information. Take pictures of the scene and the damage to your vehicle if possible. Snap a few photos of the injuries you suffered. Of course, if you suffered catastrophic injuries, you might not be able to do this. That is fine because your safety and health come first.

A Missoula man pleads not guilty to killing 2 in drunken crash

A Missoula man stands accused of having ousted the driver of one of the Testicle Festival's guest shuttles in a drunken fit at the beginning of August. On Tuesday, Aug. 22, he had his first day in court.

It's during those proceedings at the Missoula District Courthouse that the man was arraigned on six criminal endangerment counts and two negligent homicide charges. At the hearing, the man pleaded not guilty to the charges that have been waged against him.

Why do hunters wear orange?

It has been called Day Glo orange, blaze orange, fluorescent orange, hunter orange and neon orange. Regardless of the name, many people wonder why hunters are required to wear it? 

While the law varies by state- for example in Idaho blaze is not required (but it is recommended) - blaze orange IS required in Montana. And not just a blaze hat, or vest or backpack. Each hunter and anyone who accompanies a hunter must have at least 400 square inches of blaze on their body. That's roughly four sheets of paper. 

Why do we call it a rifle?

The rifle has been a staple in the US military and for hunting for over a century. Many of us cannot imagine a life without our beloved rifle.

But the rifle is actually a newcomer to the world of weaponry. And it has an interesting history. 

The many faces of distracted driving

When you think distracted driving, you think of a teen driver trying to take a selfie while speeding along at 70 mph. Or you think of a person trying to send a text message to his or her boss, glancing down every other second to write it out on the way to work.

You think you can avoid distracted driving if you just avoid these two common activities. While that's a good start, it's important to remember that distracted driving can look vastly different than what you expect.

Discussing the nature of truck accidents

Truck accidents are rampant on our roadways. Inherent to these wrecks is the fact that commercial vehicles, such as big rigs and semi trucks, weigh many tons and can often exceed 80,000 pounds in weight. As such, they carry a tremendous amount of momentum and power. When they collide with other vehicles, serious or fatal injuries are possible.

So you would naturally think that truck drivers would be especially careful with their driving habits and that truck companies would go out of their way to ensure safety out on the roads. However, this isn't the case. Human error and negligence doesn't cease to exist in the trucking industry.

After the accident: Things to consider before accepting a settlement offer

Injuries suffered in a car accident can lead to costly medical care and other expenses, and it is not uncommon for crash victims to become overwhelmed by financial burdens.

It is important, then, to be aware of your options for holding the other driver and any other liable parties accountable for the accident's financial impact on you.

Know what you should do after you are in a car crash

A car crash can make you so nervous that you forget what you are supposed to do. Having a plan before you get into an accident is ideal. However, if you end up being involved in a car accident and forgot some steps regarding what to do next, there are still things you can do to protect yourself.

One thing that you have to think about is how to conduct yourself in case you want to seek compensation after the crash. You should also make sure that you seek medical attention for any injuries that you suffer.

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